What have YOU done with Eberron?

One of the core principles of Eberron is that you should make it your own. People often say “If it’s in D&D it’s in Eberron,” but the actual quote is “If it’s in D&D it has a place in Eberron” – it’s up to you if you want to put it there. You don’t HAVE to use abeil in Eberron. But if you want to, it’s a simple matter to add a lost city of bee-people in Xen’drik, to make them the Mourning-warped inhabitants of a Cyran city, or the latest creations of Mordain the Fleshweaver. It’s up to you to decide if the Sovereigns still exist or if divine magic is another form of sorcery. You decide the cause of the Mourning. And so on.

Setting aside the facts of the setting, there’s the matter of system. I know people who run Eberron with Savage Worlds and GURPS. I myself occasionally use the Over The Edge rules. I just heard about people playing it with Dungeon World.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing with the setting. Are you using it as is? Stripping pieces out for a homebrew or mashup of other published worlds? What system are you using?

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4 thoughts on “What have YOU done with Eberron?

  1. I have been running DnD adventures in Eberron for the past four years. It is my go-to campaign setting for many, many reasons, and I have certainly made (and am continuing to make it) it my own. At the time I am writing this, I have progressed the Eberron timeline by 20 years. The passage of these two in-game decades have seen, among other things, the death of Lady Vol and the reappearance of the Mark of Death; the assassination and resurrection of the Lord of Blades, who turned out to be a much deluded Merrix d’Cannith turned Warforge; the destruction of the progenitor wyrm, Khyber, by a newly deified progenitor wyrm named Lacronia; and the emergence of a now 18-year conflict between the Khraal-Dhaakani (“New Dhakaani”) Empire (comprised of everything west of Thrane and Breland) and the Karrnathi Protectorates (comprised of Karrnath, Breland, Thrane, and Forgedhaven–formerly Mournland–under King Kaius III). There are a great many things that have unfolded in my campaigns besides these few highlights, and many more I am still planning in the future. I would just like to offer you my thanks, Mr. Baker, for developing such a rich and intriguing campaign setting. I have lost count of the hours, the NPCs, the PCs, and the plotlines that I’ve been privileged to put into it since I first came across it in a secondhand gaming store in 2013. I am keeping a weather eye out for the 5e iteration to make the scene in what I hope will prove to be the not-too-distant future. Best of luck on your present and future endeavors!

  2. I’m actually really excited for FFG to come out with their fantasy rule set, I’ve really enjoyed their narrative dice pools and I plan to convert as much as I can from/to Eberron.

    As for setting I honestly have loved it as is from the get go and also really enjoyed the 4e update. Most campaigns I’ve run I’ve enjoyed intertwining and so like Cody up there my timeline has also progressed but only by a few years. I could write for days about my plans and ideas but also wanted to say thanks for such a solid and amazing foundation.

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