Meltdown Celebrity D&D 2013: Penance

On Saturday, October 13th Satine Phoenix and Meltdown Comics are hosting a Celebrity Dungeons & Dragons event in Los Angeles to raise money for the children’s literacy charity Reach Out and Read. Three tables of players will go throughPenance; I wrote this adventure and will be running one of the tables tomorrow. And you can be a part of it!

There’s three ways for you to get involved:

Watch the Games! The adventure begins at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, October 13th. For a small donation to Reach Out and Read, you can watch live streams of the three tables & chat with your fellow viewers. To get in on the stream, go to Meltdown Comics between Noon and Six PM Pacific time on Saturday. The links will not be active until noon, so if you go to the site and don’t see anything about the game, check back!

Buy Games! During the event, a handful of games from Wizards of the Coast will be available on the Meltdown website. If you purchase one of these special games, the proceeds will go to Reach Out & Read, and you can have your game personalized by any or all of the participants!

Get the Adventure! Like what you see? With a donation to Reach Out And Read, you can download a copy of the Penance PDF so you can run it at home! The adventure will only be available on the Meltdown site from 12 PM to 6 PM, so if you want it, make sure to be online!

Participants include:

– Javier Grillo-Marxauch, creator of The Middleman – one of my favorite shows!

– Jason Charles Miller: actor and frontman for Godhead!

David Nett, the mind behind the webseries Gold.

– Sandra “Sex Nerd” Dougherty

– Hot rod artist Coop

And many more! Adam Levermore! Matthew Mercer! Sax Carr! Check here for the full list!

This event is not administrated, sponsored, or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.