What I’m Up To: Level Eater, GAME, Exploring Eberron!

The last few months have been extremely busy, between working on Eberron: Rising From The Last War, my own book Exploring Eberron, and developing an Adventure Zone game with my company Twogether Studios. Which is why I haven’t been posting much here. Well, it’s just getting busier! I have a number of events coming up that I wanted to let you all know about.

Exploring Eberron

Eberron: Rising From The Last War will be released in November. I’m currently working on Exploring Eberron, a book that delves into aspects and elements of Eberron that I’ve never had the opportunity to explore in previous sourcebooks. One of these is the aquatic civilizations of Eberron; the image above shows a sahuagin city in the Thunder Sea, built around one of the more unusual features of the area. In addition to the oceans, Exploring Eberron will venture into the planes, explore unusual cultures and cults, and much more! If all goes according to plan, Exploring Eberron will be available in the DM’s Guild (and print on demand) by the end of the year.

Level Eater Portland

Level Eater is an amazing D&D event raising money for the charity MyMusicRX. Designed by Will Hindmarch, it unites multiple tables of adventurers in a quest to save the city of Greenmoss. While each table is playing the same adventure, they have the choice of a host of quests—and the choices each table make shape the ultimate outcome. I’ll be running a table, along with other amazing DMs, including Kate Welch, Christopher Perkins, and Jennifer Ketchmer! The seats at my table are already sold out, but if you’re in Portland, it’s going to be an amazing event.  You can find more information or sign up here!


In two weeks, I’m returning to Springfield, Missouri for the Gaming Arts Media and Entertainment Expo! I’ll be there with Jenn Ellis, my partner in Twogether Studios, and I’ll be running an Eberron session and playtesting the Adventure Zone game. Other guests include Satine Phoenix, who will be running a number of D&D sessions to raise money for charity. I really enjoyed G.A.M.E. the last time I was there, and if you’re in the area I look forward to seeing you!

If you’re not in Portland or Springfield, Twogether Studios will be at Spiel in Essen, though I won’t personally be there; I will be at PAX unpluggedThat’s all for now,  stay tuned for more glimpses into Exploring Eberron!

10 thoughts on “What I’m Up To: Level Eater, GAME, Exploring Eberron!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed “Morgrave Miscellany”. I’m looking forward for the two new sourcebooks. I’m just really curious about what “Rising from the Last War” will be about exactly, as you’ve been way more discreet about it than about “Exploring Eberron”. Well, I guess we won’t wait much to discover it now…

    I wish you strength to deal with all that you have on your plate at the moment!

    • Thanks! I’m more discrete about Rising From the Last War because it’s an official WotC product and I’m under NDA. I can reveal whatever secrets I want about EE, but Rising’s secrets aren’t mine to reveal.

  2. I really don’t have anything to add. I’ll be excited to read Rising from the Last War when it comes out of course, but most of all I’d like to say I appreciate this blog and your Patreon immensely. I wasn’t a big Eberron fan initially when I was a teen but upon discovering this blog I started becoming obsessed with Eberron and the care and themes and just the message of Eberron is something I appreciate massively.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done, not just the paid stuff but the interactions here and just the continued devotion to a world you created. I know it’s not the only thing you’re passionate about and I’m appreciative

    Question for anybody: Are there Podcasts which anyone would recommend for further Eberron lore dive or are the casts Baker works on mostly about product news/development?

    • Thanks, Matthew! I am frustrated that I haven’t had time to write more on the site, and as soon as I’m done with Exploring Eberron I’ll work to rectify that — right now I’m just constantly pressed by deadlines.

      The Manifest Zone podcast is purely a lore dive; we barely ever talk about product news or development.

  3. I couldn’t find a lot of information on the Horned Prince, but based on what’s on Eberron Wiki he seems to be universally worshipped by Minotaurs. Do they worship him purely out of fear, or do they see positive aspects in him?

    • The Horned Prince is a variation of Rak Tulkhesh. They see positive aspect to him; he is a source of strength and fury, and in many ways they assign traits to him t hat others would assign to the Mockery or Dol Dorn. However, they see him as their personal deity — which is why they have no interest in converting to Dol Dorn. What use do they have for a god who treats all species equally?

  4. This may be weirdly specific, but if you were to write an Eberron version of Grigori Rasputin, where would you put him and how would you use him? And what powers would you give him, given that the real Rasputin’s alledged powers were things a 1st Level Cleric could do?

  5. I’m reading Dragonmarked right now and every time I read about a dragonmarked house I want to make a dragonmarked character of that house, they are all so cool!

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