Dragon Con 2018

I’m doing my best to stay busy. In addition to releasing the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, I’ve recently posted articles about The Aurum and The City of Silver and Bone, and contributed to the Sharn adventure Curtain Call. But wait, there’s more! This weekend I’m going to be at Dragon Con 2018 in Atlanta, talking about a diverse range of topics. If you see me around, feel free to say hello! I always love meeting people and I love to talk about the things I create, so please don’t be shy.

I’m participating in a total of six panels this year. Here’s the list.


Board Game Design (11:30 AM, Westin Augusta 1-2)

How does one design a board game? Our experts talk about designing a board game from start to finish. Find out how a designer goes from creating the game on paper to getting it on the shelf! (Keith Baker, Bill Fawcett, Thomas Michael Gofton)


Advanced Game Mastery (2:30 PM, Westin Augusta 1-2)

Here we talk next-level tips & tricks for gamemasters. We talk about enhancing roleplay, speeding up combat, and enhancing the experience overall. A great panel for both beginners and veterans! (Keith Baker, Brianne Marie, Jason Massey)


Kill, Stab, Squash! Character Death in the Campaign! (1 PM, Westin Augusta 1-2)

We talk about character death in the campaign. How do different people handle it? How often should it be present in a campaign? Is there such a thing as a game that’s too lethal—or not lethal enough? (Keith Baker, Jason Buhlman, Kenneth Hite)

Ultimate Game Mastery (4 PM, Westin Augusta 1-2)

Here we talk about the great games we have played and how to bring that epic-ness to your own table. (Keith Baker)

The Investigative Game (5:30 PM, Westin Augusta 1-2)

How do you set up a mystery? How do you create clues for players to follow? What about investigative characters? Can investigative games exist in a magical universe like D&D? Find out! (Keith Baker, Kenneth Hite)

Eberron Returns! (7:00 PM, Westin Augusta 1-2)

Join the originator of the famed Eberron setting to talk about its return to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. (Keith Baker)

If you’re going to Dragon Con, I hope to see you at some of these! If you have any questions, post them below.

6 thoughts on “Dragon Con 2018

  1. Those all sound exciting. Wish I could make it.

    Any chance the sessions will be taped and released later?

    • I don’t know. My gut is that DragonCon doesn’t record gaming panels. If someone who’s attending wants to record one of my sessions and post it, I personally have no objection.

    • Well, I’M going to the cons and I’m always happy to talk with people about Phoenix. I want to do more for the game as soon as I can; I’ve just been dealing with a lot of unexpected demands and am juggling.

  2. Off topic but I don’t think there’s a better place to ask, really.

    I was browsing the back catalog and read your article on Barbarians, got really excited about a Lyrandar Lightning Blade concept. However I was disappointed to see that most of the Storm Herald Barbarian features have redundancy with the Mark of Storm subrace features (lightning resistance and swim speed, for example). How would you address something like this to avoid a player feeling bad when making an iconic character?

    Also, if you’d like, I’d be interested to hear about some of the challenges of trying to account for this sort of thing when designing features (i.e. when you’re building something that has certain iconic features, but that means it doesn’t combine well with something else with the same features even though they ought to combine well).

    I won’t make it to DragonCon so pretend I walked up to you and asked this.

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