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This month is the 20th anniversary of the Eberron Campaign Setting. But even after twenty years, there are many elements of the setting that have never been explored in depth, whether in canon wizards content or my own creations. However, over the last four years people have been able to release their own Eberron content on the DM’s Guild and at this point there are hundreds of products out there… And for the next three days, all Eberron products are 20% off at the DM’s Guild!

I am humbled and grateful to everyone who has helped to keep the setting alive and to expand the world by creating their own content for it. As I said, there are hundreds of products and I can’t possibly identify them all. But I wanted to call out a few of the products and creators on the DM’s Guild that you might want to check out! Starting with, well, me…

Exploring Eberron. My first independent Eberron book, Exploring Eberron covers a number of topics I always wanted to address in canon but that never happened. The largest of these are the Planes of Eberron’s unique cosmology; Exploring Eberron takes a deeper look at each of the planes. It also covers the civilizations of the Thunder Sea, the Dhakaani goblinoids, the Mror Dwarves, and much much more! While you’re there, take a look at my other DMsG work. Eberron Confidential provides a host of interesting background hooks for characters; Dread Metrol explores the crossover between Eberron and Ravenloft; Chronicles of Eberron takes a look at a host of topics, from nobility to Session Zero to Karrnathi undead! And for a tiny deep cut that’s less than two dollars, check out my Eberron collaboration with the band Magic Sword!

The Eberronicon. This book is a fantastic resource that consolidates lore details from across all of the editions of Eberron into one, handy reference. Do you want to play a changeling? The Eberronicon tells to about the Gray Tide, the Tyrants of Sharn, the changelings of Riedra and more, all in one place. This provides easy access to a lot of deep lore!

Convergence Manifesto. Produced by the same community that created the Eberronicon, this 13-episode adventure path that takes you across Eberron and explores the influence of the planes. In order, it’s Fired & Forgotten, Live Another Day, Rime or Reason, Living Legend, Perfect Timing, Night’s Gambit, The Silvered Edge of Twilight, March of Madness, Weathering The Storm, At Death’s Door, A Heart In Mourning, Lost In Dreams, and Skyfall. And as long as we’re talking about adventures, I’ll also recommend Escape From Riedra by the awesome Imogen Gingell; The Deathless Skies of Cyre by Sadie Lowry and Amber Litke; and Curtain Call and Trust No One, a pair of adventures by me, Wayne Chang, Anthony Turco, and Robert Adducci!

Politics of Eberron. This bundle gathers together the work of Joseph Meehan, and provides ideas for cultures and politic intrigue for all of the nations of Khorvaire. The bundle is already an impressive bargain, even more so during the sale!

Map Perilous and More! This imposing sourcebook provides over five hundred pages of enemies, allies, and rivals for your Eberron campaign. This is just one of many sourcebooks created by Anthony Turco. The Adventurer’s Almanac and Psion’s Primer provide a host of character options, While the Xen’drik Advisory gives more threats and hooks for the Shattered Land! And speaking of Xen’drik…

The Giant’s Guide to Xen’drik is another titanic sourcebook, with over 500 pages of content including monsters, character options, and a look at 13 fallen nations of Xen’drik! And while you’re at it, check out Jamie Bernstein’s Hektula’s Khyber Codex—with a look at 38 demiplanes in Khyber!

Kendal Santor has explored some of the most dangerous regions of Eberron. With the help of a number of the authors who’s work I’ve already mentioned, this bold sage has created Kendal Santor’s Treatise on the Mournland and Wisdom and Warning: The Demon Wastes.

Sora Esma, Trinkets and More! In addition to the collection of urban legends seen above, this hag has nine collections of Eberron-themed trinkets sure to add some excitement to any campaign. My fingers would fall off linking to each one, but you should check out this full list of things created by Jarrod Taylor, including his work in the Points of Interest series!

Revisiting Sarlona. The nations of Sarlona are barely covered in the original canon, and a number of community authors have taken a deeper and more thoughtful look at the lands beyond Riedra. Check out Talvakri’s Guide to Adar and Linvakri’s Guide to Syrkarn… I believe a book on the Tashana Tundra is in the works!

The Naturalist’s Guide to Eberron. Working from A-Z, Matthew Booth has gone through the monsters of Dungeons & Dragons and considered how they might logically fit into the world of Eberron. This link goes to the first volume—Aarakocra to Azer—but the series continues through the alphabet!

Blessed of the Traveler is a guide to incorporating transgender characters and stories into the Eberron setting for Dungeons & Dragons, with looks at how several cultures and faiths approach gender, as well as a look at magical transition methods. For some reason it’s not part of the sale, but it’s ONE DOLLAR, so I think that’s OK. Meanwhile, if you’ve been looking for a queer take on the Lord of Blades, check out Queercoded!

Tiefling Treatise brings heaps of new lore and a queer focus for the tieflings of Eberron, including information on the Venomous Demesne and sanctuary of Rellekor. If you want more of Megan Caldwell’s Eberron work, check out Cyre 1313: The Mourning Rail and the Thunder Sea Merfolk Report!

Sarhain’s Guide to the Silver Flame explores the various cultures that worship or revere the Silver Flame and the Couatl in Eberron. And it’s written by the Church’s very own Drego Sarhain (with a little help from Luke Robinson), so you know it’s reliable!

Starilaskur: Crossroads of Destiny explores one of the canonically ignored industrial cities of Breland! Author Dylan Ramsey has also delved deeper into Eberron in Uncaged Goddesses and Eberron: Seeds of Strife, as well as providing Eberron conversions for Candlekeep Mysteries and Keys From The Golden Vault!

It’s not the DM’s Guild, but if you want to lend a hand to a worthy charity, Beadle & Grimm’s are donating 50% of the profits on their Eberron products to Extra Life this month, and there’s a raffle if you want to donate directly!

As I said, there are hundreds of amazing Eberron products on the DM’s Guild, and they’re all on sale now. I can’t possibly cover them all, and I’ll end with Shard Wars, for those of you who’ve been wanting a more sci-fi take on your Eberron! Go to the DM’s Guild, browse, read some reviews, and you might find something wonderful. I want to personally thank everyone who’s put their energy and imagination into creating content for the world of Eberron—and I apologize to all the creators who didn’t get mentioned directly. If you’ve got an Eberron product on the DM’s Guild, post a description and a link in the comments! Thank you all for bringing the world to life, and happy Eberroniversary!

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  1. Thank you so much, Keith! It has been amazing to see everything that has been created for Eberron over the last two decades, especially with the addition of the DMsGuild. It’s wonderful to see people so passionate about the fantastic setting you helped bring to life.

  2. Have you ever wanted to get stuck in the middle of a territorial dispute between two of Droaam’s warlords over a mysterious oasis a village of pacifist orcs see as their promised land? Then check out my adventure “Seeds of Strife”.

    Have a taste for something higher level involving Erandis Vol, Dolurrh, and the Fury? Well, the Uncaged: Goddesses anthology has what you want in “Dancing with the Fury”!

    Want to explore the city of Starilaskur, the Brelish crossroads at the heart of Khorvaire, where tensions fly as high as sparks off the lightning rails? Pick up “Crossroads of Destiny: Starilaskur”.–Crossroads-of-Destiny-Starilaskur

    Prefer to run your official 5e hardcovers in Eberron? Then try my conversion guides for Candlekeep Mysteries ( and Keys from the Golden Vault (

  3. Wow, what an opportunity!

    Wanna know what you can buy in a Cannith Enclave? Try this Gold Bestseller:–An-Eberron-Equipment-Supplement

    Wanna know what you can eat in a Ghallanda restaurant? Try this Electrum bestseller:–An-Eberron-Food-Supplement

    A random book from Korranberg? I have you covered with this Silver bestseller:–Ten-random-books-from-the-Library-of-Korranberg

    A visual tour of Dezina Museum? This Silver bestseller is for you:–The-Xendrik-collection-at-Dezina-Museum

    Other bestsellers, including Electrum adventures and items here:

  4. Thanks for sharing these titles, it was very kind of you to mention the works of others who have contributed to expanding and sharing their ideas on the great world of Eberron you created Keith.
    I have written one DMsGuild product set in Eberron:
    It is called “Lawyers and Laws of Eberron! Resources for Legal Thrillers in Eberron”
    In it, I added character options, lore, adventure plots, items, monsters, and much more about playing legal intrigue adventures. I think Eberron is the best world for them in D&D: peace treaties, cultural heritage, refugee rights, and so much more is discussed in the setting

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