Exploring Eberron, 2/6/20

The above image shows a two-page spread from Exploring Eberron, including art from Kristóf Köteles. I’m thrilled with how the book is coming together, but it’s a long journey and it’s not over yet. 

Exploring Eberron is a huge undertaking. By the time it’s done, I expect the book to include over 180,000 words… which is longer than my first two Eberron novels combined! I know what I’m capable of when I’m writing at top speed, and that’s what my original estimates have been based on. But unfortunately I haven’t been able to maintain that speed. Over the last six months there have been family issues that have had to take priority, and once things pushed into this year it collided with the work I need to do for The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance. The production of board and card games is a lengthy process, and I have dates I have to meet to hit our GenCon release for Bureau. Exploring Eberron is my labor of love—but that also means it’s the one thing that has a timeline that can be pushed, and so it has been.

My hope had been to release Exploring Eberron by the end of this month. The art has been in hand for months now, and the first half of the book have already gone through editing and layout. But I am still writing the final chapter; the recent Lamannia article is a preview of that. Once I’m done, that material will have to go through editing and layout, and then the completed book will need to go through a final review process with the DM’s Guild for hardcover printing.

So when will Exploring Eberron come out? The short answer is that I don’t have an absolute answer. I’d hoped for this month, but that seems unlikely. I’m reasonably confident that it will be released in March, but I’m not prepared to say whether it will be at the beginning or the end of the month. What I can say is that we’re close, and that I’m excited about how it’s coming together.

So thank you for your patience and your enthusiasm. We’ll continue to release previews in the days ahead, and I’ll let you know when there’s more news!

23 thoughts on “Exploring Eberron, 2/6/20

  1. thank you for the update! I love your work alot! Eberron is where I daydream it’s such a clever and wonderful setting! Day 1 purchase for sure!

  2. We’re excited as well. I understand being busy, so I would rather this complete and late, then rushed and missing things. I know we are all excited for this to come out and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. “D

  3. No rush, Keith! I’d rather it be “done when it’s done” then miss a few release dates.

    As always, I’m terribly excited for the undersea stuff, but everything in this will be a gift

  4. I think there are two traditional pieces of wisdom that apply here.

    1. A delayed book will eventually be released, but a bad book is bad forever. In other words, quality over punctuality.

    2. Get some rest. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. In other words: the well-being of you and yours has to take priority over work.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the book, whenever it is released.

  5. I’m so excited with what I’ve seen and heard so far. I would be willing to wait for good content than to get a half baked book. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. These things happen. There’s a huge community out there really looking forward to this book. We will all welcome it with open arms when it goes to press. Thanks again for this labor of love, Keith!

  7. Well, thank you for the Birthday Gift today!
    As long as we’re getting EE while I still breathe, I’m a happy camper. Lichdom is not so appealing!

    Take care of what you must, we will abide. Thank you for Eberron!

  8. Ugh, everyone’s so nice and understanding. It’s so sweet I’m getting a toothache from it. *gag*

    How about just for some variety I play the bad guy? We want it now! Hurry it up, you lazy bones! Can’t even put out a pdf on time, how sad. What is wrong with you?


  9. I definitely can’t wait, but I totally understand the work that’s involved in writing. So take your time and give us something that you’ll be proud of. Much love!

  10. Looking forward to going through this book and hopefully learn more about Changeling

  11. I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve loved Eberron since it’s original release but have only recently been able to start playing there now that I’m DMing a game using Rising from the Last War. Are you able to let us know how much Exploring Eberron will cost or will we have to wait until release?

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