6 thoughts on “Patreon Exclusive: The Heart of Winter

  1. Would it also be possible for you to upload the D&D 4e level 31 (standard? Elite? Solo?) statistics block you wrote for an “ascended” Erandis somewhere?

  2. Thanks, Keith. This is a great look into the past. The Frostfell is full of frosty hooks.

  3. It is worth noting that in 1e, 2e, 3.X, and 5e, a Simulacrum is made of ice or snow. Given the way Dral Khatuur often employs the infamous Ice Assassin spell, she could be the origin of the Simulacrum spell as well.

  4. I was actually rereading Frostburn when this came out to help flesh out a character connected to Risia. Those environmental series books were the best- there should be an update to 5e somewhere.

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