13 thoughts on “IC Exclusive: A Look At Threshold

  1. Very awesome. Love seeing the faction symbols at the top of the map and how wonderful the detail is.

  2. Has the Brelish flag/coat of arms always been on a red backing? I picked up the notion of “Brelish blue” from somewhere, but that might not be Kanon.

    • It’s one of those weird conflicting details. Page 48 of Five Nations clearly shows the seal of Breland with a red background, and page 14 shows the seal of Aundair with a blue background, so I’ve always stuck with that for flags. However, it’s page 53 of Five Nations that introduces the idea of “Brelish blue” — though it’s specifically called out in FASHION. So I just use both; the flag of Breland has a red background, but Brelish blue is a key part of Brelish fashion — and, notably, it’s why the Grizzlies in Threshold live in “The Blue Tents.”

      • Could be explained in world as Wroat having had a red flag for centuries but western expansion uncovering significant deposits of ferrocyanide salts (the source of Prussian Blue) or a magical equivalent. This could have caused a booming textile industry producing blue textiles at a low enough price that they became used massively in local fashion. The pragmatic Brelish character would make it most sensible to use the cheaper textile and in our world textiles were among the largest industries especially back in early industrial era. Helps that it is also an industry that is not under dragonmarked control which again fits Breland’s large industrial base, thus making it uniquely Brelish.

  3. Amazing content, I am really looking forward to it! The art for the map is perfect, the highest quality!

  4. Thanks for this, my players happen to be headed this direction for the next couple of sessions and I can’t wait to bring them here.

    I have a request, is there any way you could have a button to switch your text body to white background with black text. As it is I have to copy your articles to a word document so that I can read them, and I think it could be a good accessibility function for others as well.

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