Magic Sword: Shadow Marches

I’m about to join forces with the band Magic Sword and gamers Damion Poitier and Satine Phoenix to tell a tale set in the Shadow Marches of Eberron. As I write this, the game is just a few hours away—starting at 4 PM Pacific time, streaming here. However, if you miss the live stream, it should still be available to view after the fact!

Preparing for this game has kept me busy, so my next article will be slightly delayed. Last month’s Patreon poll ended in a tie, and while I thought I was going to write about nobility, because of reasons the next article will be about Riedra in Fifth Edition. But don’t worry, Nobility fans, I’ll write that article as soon as I can.

I hope you can join me and Magic Sword as we explore the Marches! And thanks as always to my Patreon supporters!

3 thoughts on “Magic Sword: Shadow Marches

  1. Two great pieces of news, two of my favourite subjects, the one that got me into Eberron and the one that won me over completely

  2. Greatly enjoying the (currently ongoing) stream with Magic Sword. If the trio of Immortals were Eberron natives, where would you place them?

  3. Really fun stream! thanks for sharing this Keith! love the art as well!

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