Phoenix, Starter Kit, and!

Phoenix: Dawn Command is a roleplaying game I developed with co-designer Dan Garrison and produced with my company Twogether Studios. Phoenix blends fantasy, action and suspense. Your world is besieged by a host of supernatural threats collectively known as the Dread. Hungry ghosts howl with the wind. Skinchangers prowl in the woods. Dead warriors are rising to prey on the living, and entire cities have be destroyed by a chant that drives those that hear it mad. As a Phoenix, you have died and returned to life imbued with the power you need to face the Dread. And when you die—and you will—you can return stronger than before… but only up to seven times.

Phoenix uses cards instead of dice. It encourages collaborative storytelling, and it’s a game where both failure and sacrifice are on the table. It’s a game where you could hurl yourself down the mouth of an undead giant to cut it apart from the inside: you might not survive, but you’ll go out with a bang.

I could tell you more about how it plays… but it would be easier for me to show you! Phoenix was featured on the current season of Starter Kit, a web series with an emphasis on learning to play. Over the course of six episodes, I guide a wing of Phoenixes through a dangerous mission and you get to see exactly what Phoenix is all about.

Starter Kit is on Geek & Sundry’s Project Alpha network. From now until the end of August 2018, you can get a 60-day subscription to Alpha free if you use the code PHOENIX while signing up. So if you’d like to what Phoenix is all about, join me and awesome cast Jason Charles Miller, Kelly Lynne, Havana Mahoney, and Alexis Torres on Starter Kit!

What’s that? You’ve watched Starter Kit and you want to get a copy of Phoenix of your very own? If your local game store doesn’t have a copy, you can get it from our website or on Amazon. In addition, at the moment, for every copy of Phoenix we sell, we’re donating a copy to—a charity providing games and support to veterans and active duty soldiers. Originally we set this to end on July 5th—when the final episode of Starter Kit airs—but we’re extending it through July 12th.

That’s it! If you’d like to see what Phoenix is all about, check out Starter Kit; if you get a copy before July 12th, we’ll send one to StackUp! And if you’d like to know more about Phoenix, this post provides more details, and this post specifically exploring the card mechanic!

3 thoughts on “Phoenix, Starter Kit, and!

  1. I just finished reading the Game Marshall’s Guide for P:DC for the first time. I have to say, I am pretty blown away, and pretty regretful I haven’t paid much attention to Phoenix for so long. So I have two questions:

    1. Are there still plans to release official modules for the game? And will those modules pick up on the Dark Omens arc, or will they be exploring a different story element entirely? I’m full of ideas for individual missions, but Omen was so brilliantly set up and foreshadowed in Dark Omens that my impulse is to wait for official material to develop him!

    2. Regarding the re-release of the game; will there be any incentive to wait for this edition, eg balance tweaks/errata/improved materials? I know the hope from TGS is to have as much engagement as possible, and I’ll be buying the original release soon anyways. I just wanted to know if there were going to be any extra goodies.

    • Are there still plans to release official modules for the game?

      I’d like to – it’s just a matter of time. I have a mission that’s a direct follow-up to Dark Omens that I should post. I’ve also considered a few three-shot arcs that wouldn’t connect directly to it. But again, it’s a question of time.

      Regarding the re-release of the game; will there be any incentive to wait for this edition, eg balance tweaks/errata/improved materials?

      We aren’t actually doing a new release of the game; it’s more that we want to do a new round of support for it. So no, there’s no reason to wait.

      • Thanks for the answers! I’m planning on addressing the Talu houses in Cartacia if either of them survive the siege, and probably bringing in the Chant again, but I’d love to have a follow up adventure from TGS featuring Omen. So consider this any encouragement you might need to post that when you have time!

        One lore question I have been considering: If Omen can begin a Chant outbreak simply by reciting it himself, is there a way to stop the outbreak since there’s no shard to cleanse? Would you need to eliminate Omen himself, or does the outbreak stop when he leaves the area?

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