11 thoughts on “Patron Preview: Beggar Dane and Castle Arakhain

  1. Having recently binged S2 of Carnival Row, this incarnation of Beggar Dane has big Black Raven vibes, and Korra’s Amon of course.

    Thanks for the article and insights!

    • To me it was Grey Fox from elder scrolls oblivion. Perhaps Beggar Dane has a mask from a archfey.

  2. In Five Nations a Swords of Liberty cell leader called Red Owl is mentioned. She is based in Xandrar which is also sort of west-ish. Are Beggar Dane’s and Red Owl’s cells working together?

    • Red Owl is called out in the description of Xandrar as being the “leader of the area’s Swords of Liberty cell”. Xandrar isn’t part of the Western Frontier as I’ve defined it. It’s essentially it’s own region, isolated by the Reaches to the west, Silver Lake to the south, and the Blackcaps to the North. Beyond that, the point is more that Red Owl is a specific cell leader while Beggar Dane is a enigmatic mastermind who guides multiple cells. Red Owl IS in the region of Xandrar. Beggar Dane is BELIEVED to be on the Western Frontier. It’s a different role.

  3. The Swords of Liberty have always interested me, particularly as a challenge on how to make a Pro-Democracy group seem villainous compared to those who wish to hold on to royal power.

    I haven’t had the opportunity of reading any canon sources that go into detail on them, but making them warmongers certainly is one way to do it. Another that I have considered for my game would be to make the Swords of Liberty truly devoted to the cause of “One person one vote” but also only unanimously consider the dragonmarked races as full citizens. All others such as goblinoids, Changelings Shifters, Warforged, etc. Wouldn’t be considered “real citizens.”

    Overall, I can’t wait to learn more and see the Quickstone book!

  4. The name ‘Winter Palace’ implies Arakhain’s local weather is preferable during the seasons Boranel favors being there, yet they’re relatively close.

    It could be solely a lowlands/highlands thing, but if your Eberron had some equivalent of standing-water-mosquitos/killer-bees/fire-ants/murder-hornets/ embezzellment-earwigs making Wroat particularly unpleasant in the summer and/or winter; what might they be?

    You got me thinking that House Lyrandar might maintain a stormspire nearby; currying royal favor and/or harnessing any small manifest zone(s) that give Castle Arakhain & the surrounding region a favorable micro-climate. Lammania or Thelanis manifest zones are likely possibilities; but wouldn’t stormspires have to function differently depending on lunar positions? I won’t ask for stormspire schematics, but is there a list of lunar positions/states to which stormspires need adapt lest they turn into tornado-generators/death-rays/monster-summoners/soufle-collapsers?

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