9 thoughts on “Patron Preview: Kethelrax the Cunning and Shaarat Kol

  1. Hey Keith, love the post, especially about how Kethelrax came to power.
    What you’ve written is a lot more interesting than anything that could be put down into a stat block. When you run games with powerful but not godlike npcs (like Kethelrax) how do you show their influence and power?

    • And how do you limit their influence and power without taking away from the fantasy of the character?

    • This is an excellent question that is considerably broader than just Kethelrax. If you want to ask it on the Patreon questions thread, I’ll address it when I have enough time.

  2. Thanks, Keith! Love Kethelrax.

    Many chibs that we have seen are very… solitary by nature, and consequently seemingly single. Has Kethelrax taken any mates or sired any progeny since becoming the warlord of Sharaat Kol?

  3. This is awesome! I want to use it as is for my game!
    I mean.., I’m gonna homebrew the stink out of it once I do get a hold of it, but it’s such a cool starting point: not a metropolis, but a boomtown! And not one of resource extraction, but of industrial creative production. It’s still laborious, but not dystopian, I appreciate the balance!
    (Unofficial city motto: “A better world, a Kobold/Goblin world.”)
    Brought to you by the Kobold-Goblin council, aka ‘The Kobly/Gobly’s’ or ‘Ko-Gos’ to their detractors.

  4. Love the texture of this kobold and goblin city, and Kethelrax is a great character. I hope we get to meet him when we get back to Threshold! Also love the tie-in to the Dhaakani ruins. One quick note: if Shaarat Kol is on the western face of the Graywalls, wouldn’t that place it in southeastern Droaam?

    • You’re correct on directions: it’s western Graywall, southeastern Droaam. This is an unedited first draft, so I’m surprised there aren’t more typos!

  5. So given this cohesiveness (in terms of like having a shared history and outlook) and propensity for cooperation and helping each other among the goblins of Shaarat Kol, alongside a clever leader that has visions for the future, is this the kind of location that, story-wise, might prop up as a more traditional city? Which is to say more codified laws and control and less of a “get out of the way of the troll” attitude, compared to the rest of Droaam?

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