Status Report: Frontiers of Eberron, PAX Unplugged, and More

Approximately one year ago, I began working on a new 5E sourcebook for Eberron: Frontiers of Eberron, a setting-within-the-setting focusing on the region that lies between Breland and Droaam. My plan was that you’d have that very book in your hands RIGHT NOW, but unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. A great deal of work has been done on Frontiers of Eberron. We’ve commissioned maps, art, and the cover. We’ve been playtesting new mechanics, and I’ve run multiple campaigns in the region. Many chapters of the book have been completed. Unfortunately, for the last few months Frontiers has been on hold. Multiple members of my family have been dealing with health and life issues, and I’ve had to set things aside to lend a hand. The work that still needs to be done to finish Frontiers requires a period of intense focus; I haven’t had that focus over the past few months, and it may still be months before I do. I’m just as excited about Frontiers as ever, and I will finish the book—but at this point I am predicting it will come out sometime in Q2 of 2022.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can get a taste of Threshold in the game I run for my Patreon supporters. Supporters have access to all of the previous sessions (and you can see a bit of one here), and ever Threshold patron has the chance to play in the monthly game! My patrons also select the subjects of the articles I write for this site, the next of which will be on The Mockery. With time as tight as it is, the support of my patrons means a great deal to me, so thanks to all of you who keep this site going!

While Frontiers is temporarily on hold, life continues to move on—and I’m finally going to my first convention in a long while! I’ll be at Pax Unplugged from December 10-12th with my company Twogether Studios. I’m currently confirmed as a speaker on two sessions, and waiting to hear back on a few more; I’ll provide more details a little closer to the day. And speaking of Twogether, we’re unveiling our first non-print KBP product: the tumbler pictured above, bearing the cover of Exploring Eberron. It’s a little random, but we love Tervis tumblers and we love the art from Exploring Eberron, so here we are! This is an experiment and will likely be a very limited edition, so if it’s something you’re interested in, now’s your chance.

So unfortunately, for the remainder of 2021 my Eberron content will be limited to web articles and my Threshold stream. However, we’ve got lots of things we’d like to do with KB Presents in 2022, including Frontiers of Eberron and much more! So keep up with your adventures and I’ll let you know when there’s news from the frontier.

9 thoughts on “Status Report: Frontiers of Eberron, PAX Unplugged, and More

  1. Do you have a comment or opinion on the situation at Paizo? Some of the recent stories appearing in Wired and elsewhere describe many issues within the TTRPG industry. As an independent creator, does your experience track with the stories others are now telling?

    • As an entirely independent creator who’s largely self-published for the last decade, I don’t really feel that I have anything useful to contribute to the conversation. Even as a freelancer, I’ve only worked for Paizo twice in the last 12 years, both short freelance jobs; my insight is meaningless compared to the experiences of people who have worked directly for the company for many years. Is there a specific question you think I might have more direct insight on?

  2. Keith, as someone who has followed your career consistently for a long time (12 years? Ish?), been excited to purchase the content you put out, and used your work to engage my gaming group in this awesome hobby: we’re still going to be here when you have more time, focus, and drive. I hope you can support your family members and get through whatever plagues you.

    Also, a little anecdote that might put a smile on your face: a while ago I remember watching the Geek & Sundry series “Ashes of Valkana” and thinking to myself “whoever wrote this just blatantly ripped off Keith Baker! He should confront them about it!” It was only a couple months ago that I realized you were a writer!

  3. It’s always good to know the product is still in works, and we appreciate you keeping us informed. Good vibes all the way from Peru!

  4. Hello Keith, my condolences for all the family issues you are going through. I hope all works out for you and yours.

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