The Download with Andrew Looney!

The_Download_postcard_150dpiAndrew Looney – who you might know as the creator of Fluxx, Loonacy, Looney Pyramids and many other award-winning games – is a longtime friend of mine. Around 15 years ago, we decided to have a call each week to keep in touch… talking about work, life, and the things we’d been reading, watching or playing. This became known as “The Download,” and we’ve kept it up ever since. Now we’ve decided to let anyone who wants to listen in on the call. This is an experiment, and to be clear, this is still just our casual phone call. We’re not scripting anything. Many of the topics may interest anyone but us. But it’s a chance to get some insight into how our design process works and the secret life of game designers. If you want to listen in, you can find The Download here.

I’m in the middle of multiple deadlines right now, but there’s a number of things I hope to post about this week… including an update on Phoenix Dawn Command, my upcoming convention schedule, and an Eberron Q&A. All that in upcoming posts!