3/20: Gamestorm and Codex

If you’ve been coming to the site for a while, you might be thinking “Hey, isn’t Keith working on a new fantasy setting? Why haven’t we heard more about that?”

I am indeed developing a new world, under the working title of Codex. And I planned to post more about it. However, I’ve suddenly had a host of other projects attack; at the moment I am working on six different gaming projects, including a new (non-Gloom) card game and an entirely new roleplaying game. Beyond that, I’ve been working on projects for International TableTop Day and preparing for Gamestorm.

Codex is something that’s very important to me. I’m still working on it, and you’ll here more about it soon. But it’s not something I want to rush. I’ve started running adventures in the world of Codex. I’m continuing to add depth to the world and to evaluate different systems. So it’s still in motion – I just don’t want to start talking about it in earnest until I’m on a clear track to production.

However, if you want to hear more about Codex RIGHT NOW, there is a way to do it: catch me at Gamestorm in Vancouver this weekend. I’m scheduled for the following events:

Friday, noon: WORLD BUILDING 101. A general discussion of approaches to World Design. Other panelists include Henry Lopez, Alex Flagg, Rhiannon Louve, and Paul Vorvick.

Friday, 4 PM: EBERRON AND BEYOND.If you’ve got burning Eberron questions or want to hear more about Codex, this is the time for it!

Saturday, 9 AM: GUIDING THROUGH DESIGN.This panel looks at the way that the design of a game influences the way that people play it. Other panelists include  Lisa Steenson, Alex Flagg, and Paul Vorvick.

Saturday, Noon: WORLD BUILDING 102 – DESIGNING RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS. Religion and the divine have a tremendous impact on the shape of a setting and the sorts of stories you can tell there. What goes into developing the divine? Other panelists include Henry Lopez, Joseph Carriker, Anthony Pryor, and Rhiannon Louve.

Sunday, 2 PM: GAME MASTERING TIPS.Just what it says on the tin. Other panelists include Anthony Pryor, Rhiannon Louve, Scott Woodard, and Joseph Carriker.

If you’re interested in talking about my games but can’t make it to the Friday Q&A session, comment below. I may set up an informal discussion sometime Friday evening… or grab lunch with anyone who’s interested on Saturday afternoon!