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Discover the unexplored Eberron…

KB Presents is pleased to announce a brand new Eberron sourcebook coming to PDF and print-on-demand hardcover for the Dungeon Masters Guild! Written by Eberron creator and designer Keith Baker, Project “Raptor” expands upon Eberron as only Keith is able to, including never-before-explored areas of the setting.

This 160+ page book is slated for a late 2019 release, with exact launch date to be determined. Keith’s writing will be accompanied by illustrations from a range of talented artists, and supported by a dedicated team of professionals for editing, layout, and project management.

A design diary on the KB Presents Facebook page will provide project updates, spotlights on the team, and teasers of the work-in-progress, as well as features from Keith’s blog (

At the mandate of the hat, we hope you are as excited as we are compelled to be, and we look forward to bringing you more Eberron in the near future!

What is Project Raptor? From the moment Eberron was released, there have been places and things I’ve wanted to explore in more depth—things that intrigue me, but were never fully explored in the official sourcebooks. Ever since Eberron was unlocked in the DM’s Guild, I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to finally dig deeper into some of my favorite topics. The book will be released late this year, and I’ll talk more about the specifics over the next few months, but I’ll give one example now. For me, one of the intriguing elements of Eberron is its planes. Whether you view it in absolute isolation from the Great Wheel or consider it to be a shielded reality, Eberron has its own unique planar cosmology. Aside from the possibility of planar travel, manifest zones and coterminous periods allow the planes to influence adventures at all levels of plane. And yet, over the course of fifteen years, we’ve never explored the planes of Eberron in enough depth to fully support that potential. Project Raptor will dig deeper than ever before, finally exploring the potential of the planes. Here you can see two of the pieces of art commissioned for the book. This is the Amaranthine City, the heart of both Irian and Mabar—an immortal city that embodies both hope and despair.

KB Presents is the work of myself and Wayne Chang—one of my cohosts on the Manifest Zone podcast and the mastermind behind the Across Eberron adventure path. I’m writing the content for Project Raptor, while Wayne is coordinating production and physical design, including a legion of amazing artists. As noted in the announcement, we’ll be spotlighting those artists and their amazing work in the months ahead, as well as revealing other subjects covered in Project Raptor.

To be absolutely clear: Project Raptor is NOT an official sourcebook. Unlike the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, this is being produced by KB Presents alone and will not be supported by Wizards of the Coast. This is your glimpse into my Eberron; it will be released on the DM’s Guild, and available in print on demand.

Eberron awaits, and I look forward to exploring it together!

27 thoughts on “Announcing Project Raptor

  1. Very happy to see a sourcebook that is supposed to shine some light on the more obscure details of your amazing setting!
    Is it going to be purely for flavor and information or will there be additional character options?

  2. Just so happens I’m running a plane-hopping Eberron campaign right now! Looking forward to picking this up!

  3. I’m incredibly excited for this! I’ve been dying to know more about Eberron’s planes for years, and this is like a dream come true!

  4. This is incredibly exciting. I do wonder one thing though. At the end of this year’s streaming extravaganza, Nathan Stewart said that there’s an Eberron hardcover coming later this year. I’m assuming that this will be in November or so.

    Given that the only thing we’ve heard officially from Wizards about that is “it’s coming”, I understand that you probably can’t tell us much if anything about it. But I’m wondering if you have any insight into it, and if so to what extent you’re adapting Project Raptor to be a companion to that.

    • At The Descent, it was announced that WotC is developed an Eberron hardcover. I can say that it’s something I’m working on with WotC, and that Raptor is a separate, unofficial sourcebook. But I can’t say anything more about what I’m doing with WotC at this time.

  5. Wait, this sounds like a supplement. We aren’t getting a non-playtest campaign setting book first?

    • I have no power to create official, non-playtest content. Only WotC can do that, and this isn’t a WotC book.

      With that said, the whole point of this book is that it’s covering topics that have never been addressed in any official sourcebook – including the 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting and the 4E Eberron Campaign Guide. So it’s not something that will overlap with the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron or any other official Eberron material that may be released for 5E.

  6. No problemo Keith. Peharps a rest of good quori outsider in a unknow plane. I love to imagine a race of outsider quori who is good and can possess mortal like inspired. In other word, a good version on inspired in a other plane. Thanks you Keith and i wish you good luck with your project now and to the futur.

  7. I have always dreamed of learning more about Dal Quor and what it looks like. The only ‘official’ material I’ve had to go in was the Dream Plane in the 3rd Edition Manual of the Planes! Oh I do hope there are some new monsters presented in this book, especially quori. The few we have are nice, but 3 of the 7 I know about look almost identical! Please give us something new to ogle at.

    Besides the planar stuff, I find myself wondering if you’ll cover the seas of Eberron as well. You did a post about them here, and they’re another niche setting I like to dream about. Mermaids > tritons all day long. Can’t imagine what you might do with that place, so I think I will leave that wish as vague as I can.

    So looking forward to this. For sure gonna have it printed for my collection, no question! Till next time.

    • Dal Quor has more official coverage than most of Eberron’s other planes. It gets some particular focus in Secrets of Sarlona. Other planes, though, don’t seem to have nearly as much to go on in official sources — least of all Irian and Mabar, since they have come across as having the least in common with their Great Wheel counterparts. (Though Keith has talked about them a little in this blog!)

      If there are new quori, one kind that strikes me as missing from the “lower tier” is a sorrow-eating kind, akin to the fear-eating tsucora and rage-eating du’ulora.

      Anyway, I’m also very much looking forward to this and will likely order a printed copy. 🙂

  8. I can’t hardly wait!!! I’d also like to know if there is any personality collaborating, such as… ehem… the Great Ruty.

    • No, this is about topics I’ve wanted to address ever since Eberron began, and it’s something I’ll be writing alone.

  9. Fingers crossed for info on Kythri, as i’ve always held Limbo and the Slaad near and dear to my heart and would love to see what Keith would do with them.

  10. Are the laws/agreements such that any of this content might later become official, or does making it a sourcebook close it off unless you work out something special?

    Not that I don’t want you to make this book, my anticipation is already astounding just from reading this post.

  11. I know you’ve said just about all you can say about the content, but any word on when we can expect more info?

  12. I bought the Wafinder’s Guide, I bought Morgrave Miscellany, Mr. Baker be assured, if you release Eberron content I’ll absolutely buy it. Thank you.

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