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It’s been a busy time since my last update. After releasing Phoenix: Dawn Command at Gen Con, I’m now preparing for the launch of my next Kickstarter campaign on October 4th. This is a game called ILLIMAT, which I’m developing with The Decemberists. Expect to hear more about this in days and weeks to come!

Aside from that, there’s been some issues with the website. We were briefly hacked, and while we have that resolved, in the process of clearing it up I had to delete all comments. So my apologies to all of you whose contributions have been lost – but the situation is resolved and things will be more secure in days to come.

In possible news: I am considering starting a Patreon program to fund increased and improved content for this website. This would be a way to support more frequent Eberron Q&As (which otherwise sink to the bottom of what-I-can-spend-time-on) as well as improved support for Phoenix: Dawn Command, including challenges, advice, and a deeper exploration of the setting. The amount raise on Patreon would determine the number of feature articles I’d be able to produce each month, and potentially fund art for those articles. While the articles would be available to anyone, patrons would both be responsible for increasing the overall amount of content; they’d be polled as to possible topics for feature articles; and might have access to bonus content. I’ve never used Patreon before, and I’m curious what you all think – would you be willing to donate a few dollars each month for improved Eberron and Phoenix content? Be aware that I still can’t provide concrete Eberron material until it’s unlocked by WotC, so Eberron articles would continue to be casual Q&A.


Regardless of this, I’ve got a lot of things to talk about in the next few days and weeks. In upcoming posts I’ll be outlining our plans for supporting Phoenix: Dawn Command; telling the story of ILLIMAT; and hopefully, finally getting around to the long-promised Fey-in-Eberron Q&A. So check back soon!

One last thing: If you’re curious about Phoenix: Dawn Command, I urge you to check out the Saving Throw Twitch show, which is up to episode 7 of their live play series. Here’s a link to episode 4 which I personally GM’d! If you’d like to see what it looks like in action, here’s your chance.

More to come!


8 thoughts on “Coming Soon to K-B.C…

  1. I would gladly donate to a Patreon in support of Eberron. And I’ll also be in line to buy anything you add to the Dungeon Master’s Guild if/when WotC opens it up to Eberron.

  2. I would love to be able to help support you more directly! A Patreon would be great, especially if it permitted for more Eberron content.

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