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  1. The Magister seems to have been at this a while. His age isn’t indicated but I wonder if he has been with Argonth for its entirety.

    I am musing on what entertainments the Gold Dragon Inn rotates for the soliders. Could a Brelish-sworn harpy bridge a gap between the tavern singers of Droaam by performing traditional Brelish ballads?

  2. Is Calas Carayne a member of the King’s Wands? What happened to Eera ir’Jalon?

    • The King’s Citadel and its subsidiaries (Swords, Wands, I could even see Shields here not to mention Dark Lanterns) are interesting, because canonically they report parallel to the main military structure to go direct to Boranel, without going to any of the proper generals; Captain Devra would in some sense be a joint operation with Alain, rather than being a true direct report.

      • That’s correct. “The Citadel operatives are an elite force under the direct command of Colonel ir’Lashan, and may undertake covert operations or gather intelligence.” Devra is stationed on Argonth and typically works with ir’Ranek, but she doesn’t answer to him and will often have orders he’s not privy to.

  3. I’m curious how Eera ir’Jalon might fit into the structure outlined here, which seems to be primarily drawing from the section on Argonth in The Forge of War. Lady ir’Jalon is called out as the master of magic in Argonth in the section on Argonth in the Eberron Campaign Setting, which I assume is different from the position held by Quill Carayne.

    Perhaps she’s in a more administrative position while Quill as the First Wand of Argonth is more hands-on focusing on offensive applications of the magical artillery and firepower of the floating fortress?

    It would explain how Lady ir’Jalan is able to take on a student in the warforged wizard Finias Wandhand (who I interpret as having a literal wand for a hand).

    • I know you’re not answering questions so consider this more of me talking through reconciling Eera ir’Jalon and Finias Wandhand in with the structure than anything else.

    • Let me add to the speculation. Maybe she’s one of the support staff, taking care of the magical infrastructure, while Quill is the artillery master?

      • Let me add to the speculation. Maybe she’s one of the support staff, taking care of the magical infrastructure, while Quill is the artillery master?
        This is correct. I’ll make sure she’s mentioned in the final text.

      • I’ve gone ahead and updated the article to mention Eera (and Finias!).

  4. So the Cannith Tower doesn’t have a Cannith representative there? Seems odd, that.
    I always imagined the Cannith Tower served as an on-site factory and repair shop for anything the fortress needed.

    • So the Cannith Tower doesn’t have a Cannith representative there?
      There’s a number of different factors here. There’s 1,600 people in Argonth, only four of which are mentioned by name. The fact that there’s a Sivis message station means that there has to be a Sivis heir operating the message station, but they’re just one of those 1,600 so they aren’t called out in detail; if you want to establish more details about them, you can. Likewise, there’s certainly Cannith heirs who are serving in a mercenary capacity as technicians—just as Lei d’Cannith is serving with a Cyran unit in The Dreaming Dark novels—but they don’t have particular influence within Argonth and aren’t called out by name. Because it’s a Brelish military base. Cannith personnel are present as hirelings and consultants, as could be found with any major military unit in the Five nations, but I’m not sure I’d call them “representatives” which implies more of an ambassadorial position; they’re technicians. Having said that, I could imagine it contains a “Seneschal’s Suite” — a special set of quarters created for use for when a Cannith representative DOES decide to visit, as it is “Cannith Tower” — but it is, first and foremost, a military asset.

  5. What would be changed or upgraded in Breland wanted to make more mobile fortress?

    • Related, perhaps, is the question “what went wrong with Ursa that brought the program to an end?”

      Or maybe the unexpected loss of Veldarren at Marguul Pass really ended the floating fortress era, leaving Ursa 90% finished but with no future role in the Brelish war effort…?

  6. For the slightly confused, the siege staffs and long rods in Exploring Eberron are on pages 18 and 19, in the discussion of The Last War, not grouped with the magic items in Chapter 7.

  7. This has me noodling on a Star Trek-ish campaign using Argonth as the center for an episodic sort of game.

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