8 thoughts on “IC Exclusive: The Lurker in Shadow

  1. I am considering integrating the Leviathan from D&D 3.5 Elder Evils as a manifestation of the Lurker in Shadow.

    • Isn’t the Leviathan pretty understandable and more chaos-oriented? My memory of Elder Evils is that the Leviathan ends up being a lot closer to the Kar’lassa than the Lurker.

      • IIRC it is. I remember the final “dungeon” of that Elder Evil being to journey through one of its spines and toss a bead of chaos into its “bloodstream” and thereby (somehow) calm it down.

    • I’d use Dagon as an avatar myself. I have his 3rd edition Dragon article and his 4th edition MM. To me he just fits the ‘unknowable horror’ better.

  2. I wonder somewhat if the creatures and servants of the Lurker appearing in other seas would be even more unknown and terrifying. Perhaps some aboleths from the Thunder Sea travel through Khyber with the sole purpose of bringing the unknown terror to places where it is even more unknown.

  3. Skum are typically minions of aboleths in other settings. In 5e they got detailed in Ghosts of Salt Marsh. Are these amphibious, psychic resistant fishmen a result of the Lurker’s warping, or more aboleth experiments?

    • Why not both? That there are those corrupted by the lurker over time, and aboleth using a similar method for their thralls?
      Mayhaps the kraken priest statblock might work for the lurker-skum?

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