11 thoughts on “Threshold Patron Exclusive: Frontiers of Eberron preview

  1. Something I’ve been pondering… is the best explanation for the paradox of Droaamites not having citizenship of Breland but also no recognition *of* Droaam that Boranel declared the entire region outlaws?

    • That’s correct; this was called out in the follow up Nobility article. Being born in Breland doesn’t make you a Brelish citizen; you have to swear fealty and a noble has to accept that fealty. The denizens of the Barrens were legally outlaws long before Droaam existed.

  2. So many great things to say about this excerpt, Keith. Tons of interesting hooks and ideas–really captures why + how every little dot on the map can be a super fun place to explore and have adventures in!

  3. Wow this is astounding! I wish we had such a write up for all the towns and cities of Eberron lol.

    • Most of the towns mentioned by name in this except (such as Sylbaran, Silver Lake, and Turakbar’s Fist) receive similar treatment in this chapter, so there’sa lot to look forward to!

  4. I’m pleased to see Murlynd’s Spoon making it into Eberron canon as Boldrei’s Ladle, very nice.

    • Boldrei’s Ladle is an artifact-level item that can provide bland nourishment for large numbers of people. But I wonder about Cannith and Ghallanda teaming up to produce more traditional forms of Murlynd’s spoons that can create a single batch of stew daily using the recipe of a particular Ghallanda chef. “You’ve only got Murlynd’s spoons? I was actually looking for a Fieri’s spoon, if you have one…

  5. My Friday night group is chomping at the bit for this as a follow-up to our current Eberron campaign.

  6. I can just about see all the freight car passengers from Threshold showing up in Ardev covered in loose quickstone dust; probably goes a long way towards reinforcing the ‘hicks from the sticks’ perception.

  7. Can’t wait for this to come out. I hope it will be available in a printed version like exploring was 😀

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