6 thoughts on “IC Exclusive: Purge Hooks

  1. Were there any larger fortified areas during the Surge/Purge? Aundarain forts or places the Templar built up? Obviously no more immune to wererat infiltration but I’ve often wondered

  2. I think I would want to roll on each table multiple times, once for each column to get more variety out of each… not that I am complaining about an awesome resource, but if there were no repeats in the early columns that would work better 😉

    • Yes, it was a judgement call. The main reason for the repeats is the idea that there are MORE templars and shifters in the Woods than there are Wardens of the Wood, and more farmers and common soldiers than there are druids and rangers; out of the blue, you have a greater change of encountering a veteran templar than a Greensinger druid. But this was something I put together quickly for funsies, and I’m sure it could be improved.

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