9 thoughts on “IC Exclusive: The Wild Heart

  1. We don’t see mention of a lot of Overlord interaction with the Dhakaani, with their focus on the fights with the daellyr. The Wild Heart unleashing barghests into their mix that feed on muut and atcha is a good reason to not keep pushing the Empire West!

    • Well that certainly explains a lot about their goblin forms . . . I love it

  2. For the Lodge, someone that comes to mind is Hannibal lecter. Ghouls are said to come from cannibalism but it could fit the wild heart to have ghouls as a gift, that the killer needs to consume flesh. That the lodge hosts feasts for their game.

    • Almost seems like an interesting way to have the Wild Heart pervert a sect of the Blood of Vol. Since the religion is already driven into the shadows, a Seeker trying to get help has to deal with that stigma on top of dealing with this problem.

      Makes for an interesting twist when the party finds out the truth.

  3. As a fan of making things as literal as possible I’d like to imagine a part of the Towering Wood where the Wild Heart holds sway with a large, pulsating dark heart of the wood made of the twisted brambles of a corrupted guiding tree or even an Eldeen Ada. A horrible corrupted bramble nightmare version of Lammania with fiendish predators like shoosuva and gnolls that actively invite lycanthropy holding sway.

  4. I am searching here does anyone know who Tol Kharesh is? I couldn’t find reference to them previously.

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