Game of Thrones Bingo: Episode 8.2

The final season continues! Will the Dothraki complain about the snow? Will Brienne have a touching moment with Jaime, Tormund, or both? Will we ever see Ghost again? If so, you might get a bingo! Click on the link for a set of twelve cards!

GoT Bingo 8-2

A few reminders…

  • words words words” means someone says that phrase – so someone has to say “Valyrian steel.”
  • person/person means that those two characters have some sort of interesting interaction… more than just being in the same room. Will Dany and Sansa go another round?
  • Debate is encouraged! Was that injury truly gruesome? For what it’s worth, I’ll allow “Gruesome Injury” even if the injury kills the victim, IE axe-in-the-head…