Game of Thrones Bingo: The Finale!

After many years, the final episode of Game of Thrones Bingo is upon us. Will the Iron Throne be destroyed? Will we go full tyrant with executions and heads on spikes? Will we have a final opportunity for someone to pet a direwolf? We’ll find out in a few hours! Here’s a set of 14 cards:

GoT Bingo 8-6

A few clarifications…

  • words words words” means someone says that phrase – so someone has to say “Three Eyed Raven.”
  • Arya Kills means she kills someone or something. Arya Has A Moment means we have some significant point of introspection or development: Does she find Nymeria again? Does she see Syrio? Does she have some sort of revelation about what she wants?
  • Gendry, Yara, Bronn, Sam, and the Night’s Watch count if they show up in person or if they’re just named. Does someone talk about restoring the Night’s Watch? Do we see someone in the uniform?
  • The Iron Throne Destroyed requires that we either SEE it destroyed or have a verbal confirmation “Well, the Iron Throne was destroyed in the attack.” The Iron Throne Intact requires that we see it.
  • Debate is encouraged! Was that injury truly gruesome? Was Tyrion sufficiently clever?

See you on the other side!

Game of Thrones Ballot for Episode 8.3

Usually I create bingo cards for Game of Thrones. This week I decided to do something a little different. We’re coming to the end of the series, and episode 8.3 promises to be an epic battle—a battle in which many of our beloved characters may well die. Rather than bingo, I wanted to make a ballot for people to predict life and death. And to make things a little more interesting, I’ve added point scores based on what I consider to be the odds of each character living or dying… because personally I think we’re more likely to lose Grey Worm than Jon Snow. These values are based entirely on my own opinions! If you think Jon Snow’s going to die, this is your chance to mark it down and score 8 points!

You can find the ballot here:

GoT Ballot

This is a PDF with a single copy of the ballot, so print as many as you need for your group!

While the bulk of the ballot is about who will live or die, there’s two secondary categories. Familiar Zombies questions whether we’ll see any familiar faces among the dead. Will Hodor return to haunt us? Will Ned Stark arise in the crypts? While most of these are specific characters, “mammoth” and “giant” are generic. We’ve seen undead giants before; will they show up in this episode? Finally, Plot Twists questions if we’ll have some surprises. Many people are predicting that the dead will rise in the supposedly safe crypts. But if this happens, will they rise as servants of the Night King? Will they defend Winterfell from the wights? It’s possible both could happen, or neither! Will Melisandre show up to help? Will the Night King actually be destroyed by the end of the episode… or might the dead win the battle?

Good luck!

Game of Thrones Bingo: Episode 8.2

The final season continues! Will the Dothraki complain about the snow? Will Brienne have a touching moment with Jaime, Tormund, or both? Will we ever see Ghost again? If so, you might get a bingo! Click on the link for a set of twelve cards!

GoT Bingo 8-2

A few reminders…

  • words words words” means someone says that phrase – so someone has to say “Valyrian steel.”
  • person/person means that those two characters have some sort of interesting interaction… more than just being in the same room. Will Dany and Sansa go another round?
  • Debate is encouraged! Was that injury truly gruesome? For what it’s worth, I’ll allow “Gruesome Injury” even if the injury kills the victim, IE axe-in-the-head…

Game of Thrones Bingo, Episode 8.1!

The new season of Game of Thrones is about to begin, and that means that it’s time for a new round of Game of Thrones Bingo! You can find a set of ten cards here:

GoT Bingo 8-1

For those who’ve never used one of my bingo cards before, most of the spaces are things that MIGHT happen, but there’s no assurance that they will. I’m sure we’ll get a dragon versus dragon battle at some point, but I think it’s a long shot for the first episode. Beyond that, a few basic rules…

  • (Character)/(Character) means that we have a meaningful interaction between those two characters. So in the case of Jamie/Brienne, do they have an awkward reunion?
  • You’ll have to decide if you’ll allow the name of a thing being spoken to be enough to fill a space, or if it needs to play a more significant role in a scene. Can you mark off a square just because someone in the show SAYS “The Night King” or “The Army of the Dead,” or do we actually need to see them on screen?
  • In general, debate as to whether a scene checks off a box is encouraged. Was that nudity gratuitous, or was it tasteful and justified? Was that injury really “gruesome,” especially by GoT standards?

As always, the most important thing is to have fun! And remember, when you play the game of Game of Thrones Bingo, you win or you… don’t. It’s pretty straightforward.

Westworld Finale Bingo!

I watch Westworld with a group of friends, and as we all enjoy games, I’ve been making bingo cards for each episode. I have no advanced knowledge of what is going to happen, and I when making bingo cards I like to put in squares that MIGHT happen as opposed to simply putting in things that we KNOW will happen… that way, as we’re watching the episode, we are watching for certain things. In the preview we’ve seen a clip of James Delos with a glass of whiskey in his hand… but will he actually drink any? Will we have a scene with a host William meeting a flesh and blood William (William: Meet William)? Will someone’s brain/personality be placed in someone else’s body? I DON’T KNOW—but if so, I might get a bingo!

So again: these spaces aren’t spoilers in the sense that I don’t know if any of them will happen, but the whole thing is filled with potential spoilers for people who haven’t seen the episode, hence the alert.

Here’s a file with 12 unique bingo cards: WestWorld Bingo 2.10

And here’s a taste of what it all looks like! Though it doesn’t look like anything to me…

Oscars 2018 Bingo!

It’s Oscar night, and that seems as good a time as any for bingo. Will there be an awkward billboard-related joke? Will someone pronounce Saoirse Ronan’s name correctly? Will John Travolta be there, and if so, why? Here’s a set of sixteen cards: Oscar 2018 Bingo Cards. If a word is in quotes – like “Hashtag” – that means someone says the words. If something is open to debate – such as Maybe Shouldn’t Be On Stage – debate away. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones Bingo: The Finale

It’s the season finale of Game of Thrones, and that means it’s time for one final round of bingo. A few reminders…

  • words words words” means someone says that phrase – so someone has to say “Mother of Dragons”.
  • person/person means that those two characters have some sort of interesting interaction. Since we know there’s a big meet-up this episode, will the Hound and the Mountain have a moment? Will Davos and Bronn share some snark?

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m crossing my fingers and HOPING it’s going to be a bad day for Littlefinger… and wondering if the episode may end with something happening to the Wall.

In any case, here’s the bingo cards – enjoy!

GoT Bingo Cards 7-7

Bad Movie Bingo: Suicide Squad

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.40.19 PM

Sometimes you’re going to see a movie you KNOW is going to be bad, and you want to take your mind off the fact that you’re never going to get these two hours back. That’s when you can reach for a bingo card. Here’s a set of ten unique cards you can print and cut out:     BMB Suicide Squad

A few ground rules…

  • If something is in quotes, we’re looking for the exact phrase.
  • If it’s not in quotes, the thing in question can appear or simply be referenced. So Superman could be Superman himself; someone talking about Superman; or even a picture of Superman on a wall.

We don’t know if all of these things will actually appear in the movie – but hey, searching for product placement can take your mind off how terribly, terribly bad the movie is!

SUICIDE SQUAD BONUS ROUND: Before the movie starts, take a guess at How many named characters will die and write the number on the back. Now there’s two ways to win. Good luck!



Game of Thrones Bingo, Episode 6.6

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.02.30 PM

It’s the end of the week, and that means it’s time for Game of Thrones Bingo. Last week turned out to be a fairly easy card. I’m not sure about this one, as I’ve dropped a lot of fringe possibilities into the list. We know the episode features Margaery… Will Loras or Olenna appear? Will we see Walder Frey or Littlefinger? Will Dany be reunited with her dragons? And will we see a beloved character… perhaps from last episode… return as a wight? Time will tell!

Download the set of ten cards here: GoT Bingo 6-6