Game of Thrones Ballot for Episode 8.3

Usually I create bingo cards for Game of Thrones. This week I decided to do something a little different. We’re coming to the end of the series, and episode 8.3 promises to be an epic battle—a battle in which many of our beloved characters may well die. Rather than bingo, I wanted to make a ballot for people to predict life and death. And to make things a little more interesting, I’ve added point scores based on what I consider to be the odds of each character living or dying… because personally I think we’re more likely to lose Grey Worm than Jon Snow. These values are based entirely on my own opinions! If you think Jon Snow’s going to die, this is your chance to mark it down and score 8 points!

You can find the ballot here:

GoT Ballot

This is a PDF with a single copy of the ballot, so print as many as you need for your group!

While the bulk of the ballot is about who will live or die, there’s two secondary categories. Familiar Zombies questions whether we’ll see any familiar faces among the dead. Will Hodor return to haunt us? Will Ned Stark arise in the crypts? While most of these are specific characters, “mammoth” and “giant” are generic. We’ve seen undead giants before; will they show up in this episode? Finally, Plot Twists questions if we’ll have some surprises. Many people are predicting that the dead will rise in the supposedly safe crypts. But if this happens, will they rise as servants of the Night King? Will they defend Winterfell from the wights? It’s possible both could happen, or neither! Will Melisandre show up to help? Will the Night King actually be destroyed by the end of the episode… or might the dead win the battle?

Good luck!