Keith Baker Presents: Chronicles of Eberron and Heraldry Shirts!

cover by Thomas Bourdon

Hektula is the Scribe of Sul Khatesh, the Keeper of the Library of Ashtakala, and the Chronicler of the Lords of Dust. Her treasured tomes hold arcane secrets still hidden from human and dragon alike. What lies beneath the Barren Sea? What powers does Mordain the Fleshweaver wield within Blackroot? Who are the Grim Lords of the Bloodsail Principality? All these secrets and many more can be found in the Chronicles of Eberron…

  • Chronicles of Eberron is a new 5E sourcebook from Eberron creator Keith Baker and designer Imogen Gingell.
  • This book explores a diverse range of topics, including lore and advice for both players and DMs, along with new monsters, treasures, spells and character options.
  • Chronicles of Eberron is available on the DMs Guild as a PDF and print-on-demand.

Eberron is vast in scope. As we close in on nearly two decades of exploring Eberron, there are still countless corners of the world that have never been dealt with in depth. I’ve personally written hundreds of articles exploring the world and offering advice, but in the past there’s always been limits on what I could do; I could write about the history of the daelkyr Avassh, but I couldn’t present a statblock for DMs seeking to pit their bold adventurers against the Twister of Roots. In Chronicles of Eberron, I expand on many of my favorite topics, and this lore is enhanced with game elements created by Imogen Gingell. Would you like to play a Stonesinger druid from the island of Lorghalen? To fight Mordain the Fleshweaver or to explore the forbidden magics of the Shadow? All this and more can be found within.

All told, Chronicles of Eberron includes 22 chapters and is over 200 pages in length. It is split into two sections. The Library covers topics that are of interest to both players and DMs. How do harengon fit into Eberron? Who are the gnomes of Pylas Pyrial? Can a player character be devoted to the Devourer? The Vault explores distant lands and deeper secrets, dealing with overlords and daelkyr, demon cities, and the realm of the the Inspired. Wherever your adventures may take you, you’ll find something you can use in Chronicles of Eberron.

The book is complete, but the process of preparing it for print on demand isn’t something we can rush; we need to review the final print proofs before we can release it. Those proofs are in the mail, and if there’s no issues we expect Chronicles of Eberron will be available at or by PAX Unplugged—the first weekend of December 2022—but there’s still a chance it could be delayed. I can’t wait to have it in my hands, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.


Would you like to support your favorite nation? Now you can! These shirts are in no way official content, but if you enjoy Eberron, you might have a sense of how the Dragon Hawk, the Crowned Bear, the Lost Crown, the Blood Moon, and the Flame could fit into it. These images were created by Matthew Johnson for Chronicles of Eberron, and the shirts are available right now at Twogether Studios!


Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold is a subsetting that explores the region that lies between Droaam and Breland. I’ve been working on it since 2020, but I had to put it on hold for pandemic and personal reasons. However, it is still in development and I expect to release it in 2023.

Thanks for your support!

22 thoughts on “Keith Baker Presents: Chronicles of Eberron and Heraldry Shirts!

    • Anything thing on Aberrant Dragonmarks or Dragonborn? Playing in a campaign with both those subjects. Loved the dragonmark6magic items in your other book, they didn’t work with aberrant marke (for logical lore reasons.)

  1. Awesome! I need a Silver Flame shirt! Will the pdf ve available on the DMsGuild before the PoD version is? Final questions: does the new book cover playing in different Eberron eras or new Silver Flame elements? Thank you

    • You know, it actually doesn’t include new Silver Flame material. Although there is a lot of information about the Overlords—which is relevant for any good templar—and discussion of Tira Miron.

    • The PDF and print option will be released at the same time, to ensure that people who want both have that option.

  2. So looking forward to this. And those shirts!!! #AundairDares

    Who designed the shirts? Because they get five stars, 10/10 for real! When are the shirts available? And if we buy all of them is there a discount? Haha

    • Never mind, I read the rest of the article and saw they’re available now and who the artist is lol

  3. Well, it looks like I know what my Christmas present to myself will be this year! And the cover art looks amazing!

  4. I’m a believer in Brelish blue after one of the Inquisitives novels sold me the idea – but these shirts are great! It’s lovely to see Eberron thriving under you these days. Any chance we can know which articles were picked for Chronicle?

    Excited for the books, please don’t worry about rushing Threshold, and take care of yourself!

  5. Looking forward to Chronicles!

    As for heraldly, could we have (for next Christmas perhaps) Dragonmarked Houses shirts? With heraldry in the front and a Greater Dragonmark in the back? I would be super excited about those.

  6. I don’t suppose we could tempt you to share the table of contents. You know, as a teaser. 🙂

    • Thanks! Man, this is so useful for me /right now/. On Friday, the gang reached Ashtakala. Fingers crossed it comes out before next Friday. 🙂

  7. With DMsGuild and Roll20 having finally announced a partnership last June, will Chronicles (and hopefully Exploring too) be made available on Roll20 as well?

    I want to buy this, but I don’t want to buy it on DMsGuild if I’m going to have to re-buy it on Roll20 in a month…

  8. I am new to this site, but not to Eberron, thus I will ask I question that might already have been answered. About how much is the pdf going to cost? Thanks.

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