5 thoughts on “Patreon Flashback: The Beholder

  1. The Beholder is extremely interesting, and it is a shame that she never made it into the final setting. The idea of a renegade quori deliberately staying behind in Dal Quor, undercover, and possessing willing vessels in the mortal world to fight il-Lashtavar is highly novel. It is a fantastic idea for a patron or an ally.

  2. Exciting. I’ve always liked the idea of secret factions still within the Dreaming Dark. Some who are with the goal of stopping the turning of the age, some who know it’s inevitable and are trying to figure out how to preserve themselves and maybe set up as a sort of profit for whatever new generation of quori follows, some who may want to cause the turning and are sympathetic to the kalashtar-housed rebels but think Taratai showed her hand too soon and are working to more subtly undermine the Dreaming Dark from within.

    This is another cool idea in that vein. And it’s more grounded than what I typically conceptualize. The Dreaming Dark on the whole always feel too big, too overwhelming, so I try to have a single isolated quori as my foes (or in this case allies) if I use them in games. Otherwise, you end up with questions of “really, the party was able to do this thing that an immortal conspiracy didn’t account for?” that can strain credulity.

  3. It would be so easy to have the characters picked up outside of the Kobold Club by a skycoach driver named Moe or have them come into contact with Margo ir’Tain.

    And hey, ogres bleed green! Good to know.

    I love The Shadow, and The Beholder seems like a very fun character. Even though she didn’t make the cut, I am glad the submission helped to shape the tone of Eberron! Thanks, Keith!

  4. When/if I get to play in Eberron again, my next character is a vigilante genie warlock heavily inspired by the Golden Age Green Lantern, so the Beholder here scratches a similar itch in the meantime.

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