Eberron Confidential is here!

Eberron Confidential cover by Olie Boldador

Everyone has secrets—and sometimes, those secrets can shape a story. Eberron Confidential is available now on the DM’s Guild, and it includes the following…

  • 54 character secrets, ready to be printed out and distributed as player handouts.
  • Tips for Dungeon Masters to integrate each secret into a campaign.
  • Options for introducing secrets to your players, whether at character creation or during an ongoing campaign.
  • Ideas for using rumors to add drama to party dynamics.
  • Tables for quickly generating NPC secrets whenever you need them.

These secrets give each character a unique connection to the world of Eberron, and to provide an intriguing story hook for the DM to explore. Each secret also provides a minor mechanical benefit. In this, they’re similar to backgrounds, but where a background provides a very general story, secrets are specific and unique. It’s possible everyone in a party of adventurers could be former soldiers—but only one is hiding an aberrant dragonmark or was raised by gnolls.

These secrets are broken into categories, allowing the players and the DM to decide just how significant they want these secrets to be. Looking at the two examples above, Dated Daask is a casual secret designed to be used in a campaign based in Sharn—while Prince of Blood is a huge secret that could become a major part of a campaign if the secret heir chooses to pursue their claim. These secrets aren’t intended to cause strife between player characters, but rather to give each character a story to explore—something that could be exciting for the entire party.

Eberron Confidential http://tiny.cc/EberronConfidentialis available now! Let me know if you have any questions!